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about Clappin Jam

Our environmentally friendly wood horn speaker does not require power.

By simply placing your cell phone in the wood horn speaker, you will hear excellent audio.

You can enjoy music wherever you are.

Through I made furniture productions, due to my Music lover I had made longing vintage celebrated speakers, ex: JBL Paragon and Western Electric WE15A horn, etc., and those high reputations, my professional work became making custom-built speakers for audio enthusiasts,

Using this principle, we designed Clappin Jam wood horns and have making by my 100% handmade.

Designed with the know-how to make custom-built speakers for audio enthusiasts, we have achieved a retro yet modern style that is pleasant for both the eyes and ears.

Enjoy Japanese craftsmanship and the made-in-Japan quality while listening to beautiful sounds of music.

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Clappin Jam Wood

Yoshifumi Harada


37 Hataai Handa Aichi JAPAN

mobile (81) 90-6398-0528

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